Rocky Mountain National Park Adventurous Engagement Photos | Formal Dresses from Lulus Boutique

Gio + kelly

I’m so excited to be sharing Kelly + Gio’s adventure session in Rocky Mountain National Park. These two flew me out for a weekend of fun which included me snuggling their cute and new lil pup Hondo!!! I seriously could not get enough cuddles from that sweet lil guy!!! hahaha! I just seriously love him. We ventured into the park, seriously not knowing where we were headed, all we had was a inspirational photo to go off of. After we stopped for a short potty break, we drove up a hill, and BAM, our inspiration picture location BUT IN REALLLLLL LIFE. We were all over the moon, and Kelly & Gio couldn’t change into their session outfits quick enough!!! LOLLLLL

This session was full of creativity and set my soul on fire. I just looooove these guys so much and I was so happy they trusted my direction & they absolutely fell in love with the final prouduct!! And now I get to share that with you!!!!

I want to know what you think so let me know by sharing with your friends, or interesting the pooooop out of these photos (you know I’m going to be) & by liking and commenting on the post down below!!!! EEEEK!!!

xx Kayla


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