It's a proven fact that I could make friends with ANY person AND I'm really freakin' loud behind the camera so 99.99999999% of people who step in front of my lens know just how happy I am to be capturing them.

Hey, I'm Kayla Esparza. I'm a 27 year old Seattle Based Wedding Photography who is always gifted Tequila from my couples. You're probably asking yourself why, so head to my instagram to find out. No seriously, you need to follow me there just so you can get a peak into what I'm all about and what it's like to work with me on your wedding days. But just in case you skip that step *crying* , let me break it down for you here!!! ;)

Basically, I show up, give you THEE BIGGEST HUG EVAAAAA, start hyping you theeeeee f up, help all your friends/families/guests with posing, grabbing water/snacks, helping to carry your train, and arguably my favorite part, droppin' it low on the dance floor with you and your guests.

Why do I do all of this? Well for starters, because I love this. And for seconds, because if I'm comfortable, having fun, and being my absolute 100% true self -- you will too.

And that my friends, is how the magic is captured.

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Kayla esparza

we vibe best with couples who...

love people

love each other

love tequila

Hiring a talented photographer for your wedding day is only half the job. When you hire Kayla Esparza Photography, her associates or her video team - you're not only hiring a pack of highly trained professionals who truly talented in their craft, but you're hiring creatives who care and go the extra mile. Kayla Esparza's entire goal when hired by her couples, is to not just show up day of with her camera. There are hours of planning that go into your timeline, emails, helping you pick locations and outfits for your engagement photos, coaching you through every single pose, hitting the bars after your session to share some tequila and tacos, becoming besties with all your friends and family, holding momma's hand, carrying your train, helping you pee in your dress and truly aiming on your wedding day to help execute a smooth and stress free day. 

hiring a passionate 

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You're going to have a million and one things on your mind come your wedding day, and the LAST thing you should be concerned or thinking about is wether or not your photos & film are coming out or not. Trust me when I throat hurts at the end of every wedding day because of how much talking I do from behind the camera!!!! I'M LITERALLY YOUR HYPE WOMEN, AIGHT!??!? SO LETS FREAKIN' DO THIS. Let's become besties, capture your love, make magic, take shots of tequila, and truly celebrate the most amazing day of your life in the most colorful & joyful way possible!!!!!! 

when the rain starts to fall...

I'll be there for you

We offer engagement packages outside of our wedding packages! So if you're not ready to book us for your wedding, we can still plan an epic engagement session!!! We offer engagement films as well, so be sure to let us know what your vision is upon your inquiry so we can get you the proper pricing guide!! Our engagement photo packages begin at $800 usd.


Our combo packages are our most booked package on average! We love working together & creating magic both through our films & photos! Because we're a team, we rarely step on each others toes and work around each others visions seamlessly where you won't even notice both actions being completed. This helps to save on SO much time because you'll only be given direction from one of us, while both of us are capturing. Our combo packages begin at $8,500 usd.


We don't have video only packages, but you can choose from our photo only packages OR our combo packages! Our photo only packages begin at $4,000 usd.


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An associate photographer is another professional photographer who steps in on the day of your wedding to be your lead photographer. Kayla Esparza Photography will only use associates if Kayla Esparza Photography is already booked for another client's wedding date. Associate's only job is to capture day of coverage, and then deliver memory cards to Kayla Esparza Photography for backing up, and the editing process. All correspondence, guidance, emails, and consultations are done only with clients and Kayla Esparza to ensure clients receive the Kayla Esparza Photography experience. Due to Kayla Esparza Photography not personally being there for your big day, these packages are slightly discounted.

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we vibe best with couples who...

love joyful moments

love color

love candid

Q: ​What are ‘romantics’?
A:​ Your ‘romantics’ are the portraits between the bride + groom. I love to make sure we have at least 45 minutes to an hour blocked out on your wedding day to capture your romantics. These portraits will be cherished and loved for years to come and even shared with your grandkids someday, so we definitely don’t want to rush them!

Q: ​What are ‘bridals’?
A:​ This is also a modern day bridal tradition where you and your groom have your first look BEFORE the wedding. Not just before your ceremony, this can be days, weeks or months in advance to your wedding. Bridals allow for an entire 2-3 hour session in your wedding attire up in the mountains, snow, a huge field, wherever you can imagine basically!! Bridals are a great option for brides and grooms who don’t have a good venue for photos, or who simply want more romantics and just want to go on a grand adventure!! What's really fun is that you would be able to print out photos from your Bridal session and have them displayed at your ceremony + reception. Depending on your package, bridals are included if you choose to partake in this new tradition, and if it’s not in your package, it can be easily added on!!!

Q: ​When will I get to see my wedding collection?
A:​ According to the date of your wedding, and our agreed contract, your wedding day collection will be ready before or no later by 8 weeks past your wedding date.

Q: ​Will I get to pick my wedding photos that get edited?
A:​ This is like opening up your Christmas presents on Easter to me!! While some photographers allow you to pick and choose which photos you’d like edited, I truly believe you’ve hired me for my expertise, eye, and style. When I first look through your wedding collection, I pick and choose which photos are telling the story, have emotion, raw genuine smiles or tears, that are in focus, and that the composition is perfect. You can trust me to pick and choose the absolute best photos to add to you final edits.

Q: ​How do I know if the lighting will be good or not during my romantics/family/ceremony photos?
A:​ Lucky for us, this is a simple problem that can be fixed in my post processing (all that crazy editing I do!). The only exception is harsh light with zero shade to hide in. This is usually more of an issue with my California weddings, and not my Washington State weddings ;). Either way, you hired an over experienced gal with knowledge in both situations. I will say that it’s better to photograph your romantics, bridal party photos, and family photos ​before​ the sunshine is up in the sky (usually between 1:30pm - 3:00pm).

Q: ​I’m really nervous to be in front of the camera, I hate getting my picture taken.
A:​ ME TOO. No actually though. I hate being in the front of the camera! So I can totally relate!! Getting you out of your comfort zone is as easy as 1, 2 & 3. I’d like to think of myself as a super bubbly, and outgoing photographer who strives to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. How do I do it? I don’t just want to be your wedding photographer, but your best friend! Making that connection with my clients is so important to me, because I want to capture your absolute most genuine smiles, laughter and tears. Not your typical ‘smile for the camera’ photo. Just know that we’re going to have a lot of fun!!!



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"I'm gonna need more space than just this text box to tell you how amazing Kayla is!!!!! I cannot recommend Kayla enough. We first met Kayla when she took our Engagement Photos and both Robert and I knew before we even saw the photos that we needed to have Kayla as our wedding photographer too. Kayla has a way of making you feel so comfortable and not awkward at all in front of the camera! She is so much fun and always prompt, responsive, and amazing at what she does!! She not only was my wedding photographer, but I felt like she was my day-of wedding organizer too! She was there to hold my lip gloss, my phone, and she kept us on track, all while making sure we had a great time! I had a few requests for photo spots, etc and she did not hesitate to make sure we did whatever I wanted. We even had a change in the timeline on the day of the wedding, and it did not phase her at all. She was happy to go with the flow and make it all work. Robert and I have found a friend in Kayla, and also our photographer for all of our big life moments from now on!

- Robert & Shanley

"In a word, we feel blessed to have hired Kayla as our photographer. Blessed that she was available on short notice, blessed to have received the best photos we could've asked for, and blessed to have gained an amazing friend. Kayla did an incredible job removing the stress that comes with hiring a photographer. Her experience is unmatched and, trust me, she knows exactly what you want before you do. She filled our day with joy and helped set the tone of the wedding with a bright smile and effortless conversation. Our wedding day would not have been the same without Kayla Esparza!! I don't know how else to describe it other than we felt like we had known Kayla our entire lives. She is goofy, personable, and makes you feel at ease. Being in front of a camera can definitely be nerve-wracking on THE BIGGEST day of your life in front of someone you've only met via facetime, but with Kayla it felt like we were just chatting and enjoying the best day of our lives with a friend. We truly felt calm and LOVED the whole day. It never felt like she was posing us - she kept it authentic and natural. She captured our day and raw emotion perfectly. I am in awe of this woman! She has a talent for photography and loving people so well!

- Christian & Holland

"Oh my goshhhhhh!!! Kayla was the absolute best to work with. To be extremely honest, she was our favorite vendor (am I allowed to say that? Lol). She was extremely patient, made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, showed us her fun and care-free personality, and is the mosttttt thoughtful photographer everrr! She allowed us to be us and that was the best part. She captured sweet moments that I hope I’ll never forget on our wedding day. We will forever cherish her amazing work!!  Hire this woman and her team ASAP!!!! I tell all my friends to hire Kayla because of her beautiful work but mostly her fun personality. When i met kayla, it was like I knew her for decades. She not only made our wedding day go so smooth, but she made sure she took care of the details beforehand and organized EVERY picture we wanted. She really took the time to get to know us and understand our vision. I cry actual tears when I get to relive moments that I can’t even remember from my favorite day. The day moves so fast and I’m so grateful that we hired such an intentional and thoughtful photographer."

- Sam & Aaron

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