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It's a proven fact that I could make friends with anyone AND I'm really freakin' loud behind the camera so 99.99999999% of people who step in front of my lens know just how happy I am to be capturing them. *insert crying eyes emoji here*

Hey, I'm Kayla Esparza!!!!! I'm a 27 year old Seattle Based Wedding Photographer who is a tequila lovin', extroverted, down for a good time, full time wife & mama. AND I'M SO STOKED THAT YOU FOUND ME!!!!! If you've gotten this far, you're really trying to figure out if I'm the photographer for you -- AND I LOVE THAT. I love that because I truly value being close with my clients. I don't just show up and photograph your wedding, I want to give you an entire experience!!

So let's dive in and I'll tell you what it's like having me as your wedding photographer!

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joyful, honest, candid, colorful, earthy imagery & films

celebrating all types of love no matter your gender, race, sexual orientation, or pronouns - we're for any couple who wants...

Hiring a talented photographer for your wedding day is only half the job. When you hire myself, or my associates - you're not only hiring a pack of highly trained professionals who are truly talented in their craft, but you're hiring creatives who care and go the extra mile. My entire mission and goal when working with my couples, is to not just show up to your wedding day with my camera. There are hours of planning that go into your timeline, emails, helping you pick locations and outfits for your engagement photos, coaching you through every single pose, hitting the bars after your session to share some tequila and tacos (only if you want to hehe), becoming besties with all your friends and family, holding momma's hand when she can't stop crying watching you with your person, carrying your train, helping you pee in your dress, taking selfies together, planning future trips with ya'll so we can see each other again and truly taking any and all stress off your plate on your wedding day, and the days leading up!

you shouldn't feel awkward taking photos on your wedding day!!!!!

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You're going to have a million and one things on your mind come your wedding day, and the LAST thing you should be concerned or thinking about is wether or not your photos & film are coming out good or not. Trust me when I say...my throat hurts at the end of every wedding day because of how much talking I do from behind the camera!!!! I'M LITERALLY YOUR HYPE WOMEN, AIGHT!??!? SO LETS FREAKIN' DO THIS.

The last think you should be worried about is wondering how to 'pose' or what to do in front of the camera. You'll be feeling like a straight up vogue model by the end of your wedding night!!!!! SO WHAT DO YOU SAY!?! Let's become besties, capture your love, make magic, take shots of tequila, and truly celebrate the most amazing day of your life in the most colorful & joyful way possible!!!!!! 

when the rain starts to fall...

I'll be there for you...

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The average investment cost is $6,000 for photo only packages & $9,500  for photo & video packages.

I believe your memories are invaluable. Not only is your wedding day important to you, but it's important to ME which is why I do everything in my power to ensure you enjoy your dream day. After 10 years plus in the wedding industry, I've always put my couples memories as my priority. From how I capture your day, all the way to how I protect your images after your big day is over. Hiring an expert is SO important when it comes to your wedding day. The last thing you want is hiring your 'friend' and losing a portion (or all) of your wedding photos (I hate to say it, but I've heard so many horror stories!)

You have been planning your day for months or years, and you deserve to enjoy it. You shouldn't have to be worried about someone else (aka your wedding photographer) - you deserve to sit back, relax, party, and ENJOY your day with as little stress as possible, and thats part of the experience you get when you hire myself or my team. With me, you're not just hiring an expert, but a friend who's going to help you through the entire day and help you have the BEST TIME.

your memories are the best investment you can make for your big day

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we vibe best with couples who...

love people

love each other

love tequila

Q: ​When will I get to see my wedding collection?
A:​ According to the date of your wedding, and our agreed contract, your wedding day collection will be ready before or no later than 12 weeks past your wedding date. I always aim to get everything back to you even sooner! This will all depend on my schedule/travel schedule!!

Q: ​What are ‘bridals’?
A:​ This is also a modern day bridal tradition where you and your groom have your first look BEFORE the wedding. Not just before your ceremony, this can be days, weeks or months in advance to your wedding. Bridals allow for an entire 2-3 hour session in your wedding attire up in the mountains, snow, a huge field, wherever you can imagine basically!! Bridals are a great option for brides and grooms who don’t have a good venue for photos, or who simply want more romantics and just want to go on a grand adventure!! What's really fun is that you would be able to print out photos from your Bridal session and have them displayed at your ceremony + reception. Depending on your package, bridals are included if you choose to partake in this new tradition, and if it’s not in your package, it can be easily added on!!!

Q: ​Will I get to pick my wedding photos that get edited?
A:​ This is like opening up your Christmas presents on Easter to me!! While some photographers allow you to pick and choose which photos you’d like edited, I truly believe you’ve hired me for my expertise, eye, and style. When I first look through your wedding collection, I pick and choose which photos are telling the story, have emotion, raw genuine smiles or tears, that are in focus, and that the composition is perfect. You can trust me to pick and choose the absolute best photos to add to you final edits.

Q: ​How do I know if the lighting will be good or not during my romantics/family/ceremony photos?
A:​ Lucky for us, this is a simple problem that can be fixed in my post processing (all that crazy editing I do!). The only exception is harsh light with zero shade to hide in. This is usually more of an issue with my California weddings, and not my Washington State weddings ;). Either way, you hired an over experienced gal with knowledge in both situations. I will say that it’s better to photograph your romantics, bridal party photos, and family photos ​before​ the sunshine is up in the sky (usually between 1:30pm - 3:00pm).

Q: ​I’m really nervous to be in front of the camera, I hate getting my picture taken.
A:​ ME TOO. No actually though. I hate being in the front of the camera! So I can totally relate!! Getting you out of your comfort zone is as easy as 1, 2 & 3. I’d like to think of myself as a super bubbly, and outgoing photographer who strives to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. How do I do it? I don’t just want to be your wedding photographer, but your best friend! Making that connection with my clients is so important to me, because I want to capture your absolute most genuine smiles, laughter and tears. Not your typical ‘smile for the camera’ photo. Just know that we’re going to have a lot of fun!!!

Frequently Asked

"Kayla is the BEST photographer ever! She is first off, SUCH a lovely human who is so caring and fun and is clearly passionate about what she does. She FAR exceeded all of our hopes and dreams for our unique wedding. She brings such a bubbly energy, and really knows what she is doing. I feel like I've known her for years and she is a close friend, which makes capturing the images feel so effortless and fun. She brought true joy to the experience, and our family, bridal party, and friends all commented on how incredible she and her husband Truth are. WHAT A DREAM TEAM! KAYLA IS THE BEST, book her you will be SO pleased and surpass your own expectations! WE LOVE KAYLA AND TRUTH!!!!!! You will want them to be your friends for life after you work with them. Such dedication, and they truly listen and prioritize YOU and what you want to get out of the photos and what you want captured and have their own talented magical eye for it all. AHH SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! My heart is bursting from these gorgeous photos. ALSO SHE TOOK SO MANY!!!! We are THRILLED! My only regret is not booking Kayla for our engagement session!!!!!! IF ONLY. BOOK HER FOR EVERYTHING! Seriously, such an amazingly talented and kind and fun loving human who will take a shot of tequila with you and eat sour gummies with you and FEEL LIKE YOUR BFF WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN!"

"One of the biggest things that stood out to me about Kayla right away was the fact that she truly wanted us to feel like she was our friend behind the camera. Both my husband and I really loved that, and we definitely felt like she succeeded! Not only is Kayla extremely talented and creative, but she’s so fun to work with and she genuinely knows how to bring out the best in anyone. I’m not exaggerating when I say that all of my friends adored her and made comments about it to me throughout the wedding day, and for LITERALLY WEEKS after! Both friends and relatives alike were raving to us about how awesome Kayla and Truth were, so I can tell how much their energy, talent, and the sheer joy that they bring truly did impact the day for everybody— as well as the photos!!! The photos we received are BREATHTAKING beyond our wildest dreams, and we’re so insanely overjoyed. What an amazing experience with wonderful people. We’re forever grateful to Kayla + Truth for the most phenomenal photos and for helping to make our day so perfect!"

"We hired Kayla after we saw her amazing work she did on my best friends engagement photos. I saw the prints and immediately knew I wanted to work with Kayla. From the beginning to our final gallery Kayla was a joy to work with. She was extremely thorough, stuck to the timelines, and was so fun. Capturing your big day is a big deal, you have these photos/videos for the rest of your life! Having a photography/videography team you can trust and makes you feel at ease is a huge plus. Kayla checked all our boxes and then some! If you are thinking of booking her don't think, book her team! Her talent and skill is unmatched!"

"I'm gonna need more space than just this text box to tell you how amazing Kayla is!!!!! I cannot recommend Kayla enough. We first met Kayla when she took our Engagement Photos and both Robert and I knew before we even saw the photos that we needed to have Kayla as our wedding photographer too. Kayla has a way of making you feel so comfortable and not awkward at all in front of the camera! She is so much fun and always prompt, responsive, and amazing at what she does!! She not only was my wedding photographer, but I felt like she was my day-of wedding organizer too! She was there to hold my lip gloss, my phone, and she kept us on track, all while making sure we had a great time! I had a few requests for photo spots, etc and she did not hesitate to make sure we did whatever I wanted. We even had a change in the timeline on the day of the wedding, and it did not phase her at all. She was happy to go with the flow and make it all work. Robert and I have found a friend in Kayla, and also our photographer for all of our big life moments from now on!

"Kayla and her team were fabulous. We hired them for a full service package including our full wedding day and engagement photos and I cannot say enough good things. Not only is she extremely talented but she has the ability to make you feel super relaxed and create a fun lighthearted environment that makes being in front of a camera feel much more natural. She is also ridiculously fun to have around, it is like having another friend at your wedding. Her photos speak for themselves, and are just beyond words beautiful, I would pick her as our photographer over and over again if I had to go back. Thank you Kayla!!!!"

"Kayla, Kayla, Kayla. I stumbled across Kayla’s photography IG and showed my then fiancée and we were instantly captivated. We never “shopped” for other photographers, or debated the cost - because even without speaking to her, the quality of her work, photos and editing all spoke for themselves. Thennnn, getting to know her was just the cherry on top. My husband and I, like many people I am sure - do not consider ourselves to be camera people. I never once thought about the fact that Kayla had a camera in her hand the entire day, because we were so comfortable around her & that makes the biggest difference. Our photos are natural and captured us, our friends and our family perfectly. We receive compliments on our wedding photos quite often due to her unique editing style. I beyond recommend her services as well as her for any wedding, or styled shoot you may have in mind."

"KAYLA!!! Ah - I don’t think there are enough words to accurately describe this girl & her talent. We found each other on Instagram, connected over our mutual love of photography, & I’ve trusted no one else to document my life’s big moments since then. Kayla has photographed me & my husbands engagement photos, wedding, anniversary photos, just because, holiday photos, you name it she’s photographed it for me. It is so clear to see she has the biggest passion/heart for photography, but first, people. I’ve never met anyone with a bigger heart for people than her. She’s brings out the best in people & captures that in her work. She always makes us feel so comfortable/at ease..her guidance throughout sessions makes things flow naturally. Every time I get a gallery back from her, I see me & my husbands relationship...I truly see US. She’s hilarious, SO easy to be around & it never feels like we’re “getting our pictures taken” but just more like we’re hanging with our sweet friend. Anyway - I could go on FOREVER about this girl but before this gets too long: hire Kayla. Sure, there are a million options out there for photography, but there’s only one Kayla. I’ll continue to choose her, trust her, hire her, a million times over! ♥️"

"Can we just take a minute to appreciate this CREATIVE QUEEN? ✨ You will not be disappointed hiring her to capture your moments with your family! Kayla was quick to respond and answered any questions we may have including a guide that helped you figure out what to wear and exactly where the photos were taking place! (which most of us all struggle with trying to figure out what will coordinate well together!) Let’s just talk about the VIBE she had during her sessions too?! My fiancé is not one for pictures but after the session mentioned how fun it was and how he felt comfortable. The photos turned out EXACTLY what I had hoped for. I look forward to doing more sessions with her in the future. For sure our new family photographer. 🤩 THANK YOU SO MUCH"

"Kayla and Truth are both truly amazing human beings! My husband and I felt so comfortable and at ease with them. We also had such a blast taking photos / filming. There were many laughs to go around and you can tell they both really love what they do. The photo and video quality is absolutely fantastic and their easy going yet clear direction took the pressure off our shoulders so we could enjoy the evening. Thank you both so much for making our wedding day so great! We're filled with so much gratitude and will cherish the photos + film for the rest of our lives."

"First of all we just need to say that we absolutely LOVE Kayla and her team! They are THE people you want shooting the most important day of your life. From our first meeting up to our wedding day Kayla was on it. She answered every single question we had and even provided planning tools to help out in anyway she could, all with the most enthusiasm as if it were her wedding. Kayla’s associate photographer, Leah Dawson, did the photography for our wedding and she was so awesome, fun, and professional! She made us feel SO comfortable in front of the camera and captured our chemistry to a tee! Within the week we got our sneak peeks which was so special and exciting! The weddings photos were just incredible, we still have no words 😭 We are truly grateful for all the work Kayla and her team put into capturing our magical day! We love you so much and cannot recommend you enough!"

"I found Kayla while I was looking for photographers for our wedding on Instagram and oh my gosh I am so glad I found her! We booked her for both our engagement session and our wedding. We just got our photos done for our engagement session at Mount Rainier and they were absolutely stunning! These photos are everything we hoped and dreamed of! The day we were supposed to get our photos done, it was a little cloudy and the clouds covered Rainier the whole day. However, after we did our first location of photos, I suggested another location and Kayla was more than happy to oblige us. It was a small little hike to get to this location but Kayla was so accommodating and was happy to follow us. When we got the the other location, the clouds parted for just enough time to take our photos and the results came out sooooo perfect! I cannot say enough good things about Kayla. Highly recommend her for all your photography needs! She makes you feel so comfortable and will definitely be your hype woman and communication was great! Highly recommend her! 10/10! Not to mention the fact that the she got us our gallery in record time! Can't wait for her to take our wedding photos :)"