Kayla Esparza is a tequila drinking, adventure seeking, travel addicted, joyfully extroverted ball of energy, crazy loud, full time wedding and elopement photographer based in Washington State serving any forms of love worldwide. Kayla Esparza Photography was born in 2005 when a 10 year old Kayla received her first digital camera and after 10 years of watering the seed of passion, she moved from WA to CA with her husband and took her side hustle full time. She is a leading expert in Destination, Elopement and traditional wedding days and has photographed over 100+ weddings worldwide from Iceland, Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona, New York City, California, Oregon, and Washington State.

I think you should have colorful memories

About Kayla

...she realizes that time has flashed before her and her once newborn child whos eyes sparkled golden with wonder are now releasing tears watching his future walk down the aisle. And there I am -- front row next to mom, capturing every moment before me with passion knowing damn well this will be me one day. One day I'll watch my son marry the love of this life, and devote his heart and soul to a life partner. If there's anything you should take away from this, it's that I'm always seeking connection, and honest photographs for you to be able to re-live your day for the rest of your days. Photos you'll be excited to print, frame and look at every day giving you same emotions when looking at them.

I'm ready to dance the night away with you and all your loved ones

I've loved weddings from the moment I held my camera. But it wasn't until I clenched the newborn child I so desperately dreamt of for 9 months that I felt true connection to my couples. How does holding your first born child connect to your wedding days you ask? I don't show up to your wedding and see the surface level photos anymore. Ya know, the ones of the decor or that blow up on social media...no, I see the Mother of the Groom holding back her tears...

..."The Mother of the Groom holding back her tears..."

my everything

Human connection
Experience over production

my approach













got my first poing and shoot camera 

got my first “professional” camera

for christmas from my parents

shot my first wedding

took a break from college

bought a full frame camera &
maxed out my credit card

Found out I was pregnant

shot 20+ weddings all over the world

Started planning a workshop
with my best friend

did countless senior photos for all my friends

got married to the love of my life

moved from wa to california

got our fur baby luna

quit my job

went full time wedding photographer

 Had a baby

 began educating other photographers
online during quarantine
building a successful online workshop

a look into my 

Definitely flavor blasted goldfish

5. The best part about being a mother to me is:

6. If I couldn’t be a photographer I’d be a:
a. Fitness Coach
b. Blogger/influencer
c. Teacher
d. Own a wedding venue or Bridal Dress Shop
e. All the above

My favorite part about being a photographer is:

Hands down, when clients turn into lifelong friends 

Watching my son observe the world around him - much like how I see a new place and immediately get inspired by how I could photograph it - its magical feeling

1. When I’m not shooting weddings or being besties with my clients I am:
a. Binge watching anime with my husband
b. Going on a hike
c. Going on photo adventures with my friends 
d. Planning an epic road trip with my fam
e. All the above

2. My favorite late night editing snack is:

3. If I’m not watching anime I’m watching...
a. True crime docs
b. Dancing with the stars
c. Greys anatomy 
d. Cartoons
e. All the above

4. My favorite place I’ve ever photographed in was:
a. Hawaii
b. Arizona
c. Iceland
d. Cabo San lucas
e. All the above

get to know your photographer

let's see if we'll be besties

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