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You got your partner, you got your ring, you've set your date, and now you're looking for ME. Hi, I'm Kayla. And my life....IS KINDA CRAY CRAY. I'm SOOOO happy you found me, because I've been manifesting you!!!! You're the fiance who wants to have the best day of their life, laughing your booty off, drinking tequila, and screaming the lyrics of 'dancing queen' on the dance floor. I cannot wait to work with you, but before I do...

I want you to get to know ME. :)

the party is just getting started

Family photos by @kristakphotos

Kayla Esparza is a leading Wedding Photography expert & photography educator. She's a tequila drinking, adventure seeking, travel addicted, joyfully extroverted ball of energy, crazy loud, full time wedding and elopement photographer based out of Washington State serving any forms of love worldwide. Kayla Esparza Photography was born in 2005 when 10 year old Kayla received her first digital camera and after 10 years of watering the seed of passion, she moved from WA to CA with her husband where she finally took the leap making her side hustle a full time gig. Now that Kayla & Truth have moved back to their home state of Washington, Truth has joined the business full time as Kayla's videographer. Since Kayla went full time back in 2018, she became a leading expert in Destination, Elopement and traditional wedding days and has photographed over 100+ weddings worldwide from Iceland, Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona, New York City, California, Oregon, and Washington State. Not only has her wedding career grown, but her educational career as well now having taught over 100+ students since 2020 with her leading online workshop, Full Throttle, and her in-person workshop experience at Fearless the Workshop.

I've loved weddings from the moment I held my camera. But it wasn't until I clenched the newborn child I so desperately dreamt of for 9 months that I felt true connection to my couples. How does holding your first born child connect to your wedding you ask? I don't show up to your wedding and see the surface level photos anymore. Ya know, the ones of the decor or that blow up on social media...no, I see the Mother of the Groom holding back her tears - she realizes that time has flashed before her and her once newborn child whose eyes sparkled golden with wonder are now releasing tears watching his future forever person walk down the aisle. And there I am -- front row next to mom, capturing every moment before me with passion knowing damn well this will be me one day. One day I'll watch my son marry the love of this life, and devote his heart and soul to a life partner. If there's anything you should take away from this, it's that I'm always seeking connection, and honest photographs for you to be able to re-live your day for the rest of your days. The moments unnoticed, the candid raw emotion, matched with the same joyful Photos you'll be excited to print, frame and look at every day giving you same emotions when looking at them. With me as your photographer -- we'll laugh, sing, dance, skip, drink tequila & have the best damn time of our lives.

lover of colorful raw genuine moments


the fun facts

 1. I'm a mama to Liam and Wife to Truth. 
 Currently livin' in the beautiful PNW - Wa state!
 2. I love to watch anime and play video games!! 
 3. My first photo biz name was K.Dub Photography, so dubs has been a nickname that stuck!! 
 4. I love the mountains & long summer nights.
 5. Tequila or margaritas all day everyday.
 6. My favorite place I've ever visited was Iceland. 
 7. I love to weightlift & do cycling! 
 8. Flavor blasted goldfish is my fav editing snack!
 9. Sushi, tacos or Thai food...yummmmm. 
 10. I have an adventurous soul. 
 11. I love deeply with gifts or words.
12. I'm a gemini and enneagram 3.
 13. I'm a travel bug. 
 14. Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, Bad Suns >>>
 15. I'll always try and make you laugh or smile.
 16. I'm loud. And kinda crazy, hehe.
 17. I prefer a pool day over a beach day.
 18. I'm obsessed with polaroid pictures!!
 19. My dream is to go horseback riding in Montana. 
 20. All my couples become life long besties... :')




My hubby Truth and son Liam


when i was 16


PLANTS, FILM PHOTOS and exploring new places

What I am currently into

These are my people, my loves, my life. My husband Truth and I met back in 2004. He oddly enough, was a student of my moms. I met him one day after I forgot my lunch money, and my mom introduced me to the "kid with the cool name"

We reconnected after graduating high school in 2013, and we went on a date where I remember Truth asking me "where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Well here we are almost 10 years later. A house full of love, laughter & legos. We have our beautiful 4 year old son Liam, and our german shepherd Luna to keep us busy when we're not shooting together. We love to go on many adventures, see new places, and teach Liam all about the wonders and beauty of this world!



In Loving Memory of Luna Ray Esparza
March 5, 2016 - July 9, 2024

In Loving Memory of

Luna Ray Esparza
March 5, 2016 - July 9, 2024


things that inspire me

+ gemini
+ ennegram 3
+ lover of sushi







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