Windy Northern California Coast Engagement Photos | Point Reyes National Sea Shore

kevin + mikayla

When Mikayla and Kevin first met up with me in Point Reyes, CA, I knew we’d hit it off from the start. We found a nice little field and soaked up the golden California sunset tougher, and we rolled around laughing and capturing the love between these two during their engagement season!! I was so excited to hit the beach, because Mikayla had been showing me photos of the dress she got, and I was DYINGGGGG. Seriously the cutest little boho dress that wasn’t overly fancy but also wasn’t super casual. It was the perfect mix and flowed so beautifully in the 100mph winds….no seriously the winds were CRAZYYYY this day!!!! Mikayla joked that she wasn’t even sure why she got her hair done!!! hahahah, buuuuut – everything turned out amazing and I am so obsessed with this collection of images!!! Now only if their wedding could be like…tomorrow!!! HAHAHA.

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xx Kayla


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