Intimate backyard DIY Wedding

This wedding will forever hold a special place in my heart, not only because I was in the wedding party. But because it was with one of my best friends and cousin. This is a love story that well, I kinda made happen. I will try to make this story short and to the point. But  if you know me very well that’s something I can’t really do.

A Bit Of Back Story With These Two

Dean has been a friend of my husband since they were in kindergarten together. They grew up practically brothers. My cousin, Sierra, is a few months older than me. But we grew up best friends side by side. Besides the time I punched her in the face as a child (which I don’t remember, my family just loves telling that story). But as we grew older in college I thought they would be a great match. Dean thought the same thing…while Sierra.. thought otherwise and denied Dean’s affections for a few years. As she went on with her life it was my mission to make this relationship happen. With mine and Dean’s perseverance Sierra FINALLYYY gave Dean a chance. And it was history after that. 

Then COVID Happened…

They started planning a wedding, then covid happened. Many couples, including them, had to push back their big day. Cut down guest numbers, etc. I had helped Sierra set a date and told her a backyard wedding would be perfect. Limiting the number of people would make it more intimate and special as well.

So when all this anticipation and hard work had come to an end. It was finally their day WHOOO!! It was absolutely perfect! I CRIED SO MUCH. Since I was in the wedding party she did hire one of my photographer associates to capture the photos. I was then able to fully edit everything after the fact. 

One of Sierras favorite movies is Mama Mia’. And her Favorite memory with her mom is singing Dancing queen and partying in her living room. She got a white leather jacket with the words “dancing queen” on it which was so cute. The Wedding was very boho classic, and was taken in her parents backyard. It turned out so much more perfect than what she expected.

Dean and sierras love is so strong and real i was so happy to be apart of it on their wedding day. all of us were basically partying then sobbing by the end of it when we watched them drive away!

Raw Photos: Alyssa Marie

Editing: Kayla Esparza

Videography: Taylor Howie


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