Field Engagement Photos

Whats more fun than a picnic meadow engagement? I mean who doesn’t love food and champagne?? You KNOW your girl loves her tequila shots but I’m down for some champagne as well! And if food is there I am there. Nothing beats a better spot for a celebration than an open meadow. With the breeze of California skies.

Alexa and Frank had SOOOO much fun at their meadow engagement in Lake Folson California. They were so energetic while dancing and drinking champagne. They even brought their dog ____ to snag a few photos with them. I’m such a dog person i love meeting peoples dogs. Dog family photos are an obsession of mine!! So if you ever book me, 100000000% yes bring your dog. Dogs are apart of the family.

I loved getting to meet them and hear about how they met! Seriously can not wait to take photos for their big day! I’m probably looking forward to it more than them.

Photography: Kayla Esparza

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