The Cutest Beach Anniversary Session Ever!!!

Andrea + Austin

You just NEED to have people like Andrea and Austin in your life!!! They have such a positive outlook on everything, and its absolutely contagious. These two Seattle living love birds came alllll the way down to little ol’ NorCal for their one year anniversary session with me, and man oh man did we have the BEST TIME EVER. But before our session, the cuties were staying in San Fran for the night, and their car was broken into!! At least $1000 worth of items were stolen, including their bikes and Austin’s one year present for Andrea. Most girls would have flipped, but I remember Andrea saying she was just so happy that they were both safe, and that she didn’t need anything from Austin to know that he loved her SO MUCH. I mean, c’mon, how freaking cute is that!? It’s easy to say I’m absolutely obsessed with these two and so happy that they’re some great friends now!!! Ahhhh, I hope you enjoy these images, because I can’t look at them without a HUGE smile!!!!!

Photographer: Kayla Esparza Photography

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