Madi + Christian

Our overall experience with Kayla was amazing!!!! everything from her taking our engagement photos and her getting up before 6am and bringing us coffee in freezing Washington to her sweet, intentional, and thoughtful details and gifts such as sending us an ornament for our first christmas together to driving all the way from northern California to southern Arizona for our wedding it was all incredible and she went above and beyond!! Photos were so important to us so we wanted to have Kayla be our photographer from the very beginning but we didn’t expect to become such good friends as well!! Kayla loves and serves others with her gifts so well and such a heart for people and we are so lucky to now call her a friend and to have to the most beautiful wedding photos that we will cherish forever. 

Our experience with Kayla was seriously so great. She has the sweetest most intentional and kind heart and went out of her way to make sure that we felt comfortable and happy with the process of getting photos taken to the results. The most perfect day of your life is worth investing in. We could not be happier with our engagement and wedding photos. When i see them hung up throughout our house I think JOY! They perfectly depict and represent my husband and I’s love for each other and kayla also made us look goooooood!!!

“Kayla and truth also just make such a great team. They were so comfortable on our wedding day which made us able to relax and just trust them that together they would take care of us.”

Every time we were around them on the wedding day or having our picture taken we felt more relaxed. They brought such a good energy and by the end of the wedding my family didn’t want them to leave they fit right in with them which was so fun and its because they are the most amazing and hilarious couple you will meet. We have always felt so awkward when people take pictures of us! We always feel weird with lack of direction and never know what to do. Kayla made us feel like we were on a date it was so much fun haha. She laughed with, told jokes and shared stories while taking our photos which made the pressure go away and helped us be ourselves more. looking at our photos we are like how is that us we look so good!! but most of all she made us look ourselves and happy. It was easy being in front of the camera when Kayla was taking the photos. She made it easy. It was so helpful having her take our engagement photos first so then by the wedding we knew what to expect and we were bffs so it was extra fun and easy! 

The quality of our images and videos are incredible. It was absolutely worth investing in because we will have these photos forever and ever. We weren’t expecting to have to many photos either which was amazing! We could not be happier with the way they turned out, with the shots she got, and with the quality. It took months to plan and now we can remember everything forever and in such a beautiful way. All the details were captured from the scenery, my husband and I praying together before the ceremony, to our guests laughing and talking, to the epic dance party, to my maid of honor helping me pee hahah. It was the best day of our lives and we are happy we can have these pictures and videos to look back at it forever.