Birthday Dinner turns into a Surprise Proposal!!! Seattle Alki Beach Proposal

Dean + Sierra

I first have to tell you, that these two are some of the closest people in my life. Dean has known Truth (my husband) since the first day of kindergarten, and Sierra has known me since I was born…she is my cousin after all!! I set them up, of course, so you already know I was planning their proposal before they even went on date number 2. I just knew they would be a perfect match, and it has been so beautiful to watch from afar. I had biiiiig plans for their proposal, but when Dean told me his idea, I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for my best friend.

Dean bought a journal on October 3, 2017, and for 365 days he wrote in this journal. Writing to Sierra, and letting her know what they did that day, if he was thinking about her, if they had a fight, how the got through it, and so on and so forth. It was literally the cutest journal filled with a year of memories, and in the back pocket of this journal, was the engagement ring.

His plan was to propose on her birthday, October 3, 2018, and surprise Sierra with a nice Dinner on Alki beach. Before the dinner, he would pull her down to the water, present the journal, read through some of his favorite memories with her, and then get down on one knee.

Watch the full video, to see how the day unfolded.

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