PNW Earthy Fall Engagement Photos

Marcus + Kimberly

I’ve been so excited to share these ADORABLE photos from Marcus and Kimberly’s PNW earthy fall engagement photos. Hidden away together in the forest of Washington, I followed these lovebirds down the trail and into the beautiful warm forest. I couldn’t get enough of the burnt orange and rusty yellow tones around them, and these photos are giving me ALLL the October vibes. Kimberly and Marcus shared such a genuine and heartfelt connection that left me teary eyed! We shared the sweetest laughter and created the best memories together tucked away inside all the warm colors of the PNW. My heart was BURSTING when Marcus veered off the trail to carve his and Kimberly’s initials into a tree, locking their love story in forever. LITERALLY a dream you guys!

We found ourselves in the middle of an open field, without another soul in sight. Surrounded by the tallest grass and looking onto an epic cliffside, Kimberly and her man held each other close. These two were so adorable, I literally could not get enough of them! We ended our evening right beneath one of the most beautiful weeping willow trees I had ever seen. Kimberly and Marcus squeezed each other so tightly! Their love was absolutely contagious and left me with a full heart, smiling from ear to ear!

Photography: @kaylaaesparza


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