Moody Northern California Sunset Engagement Photos

Lana + Mo

I had such a wonderful time with Lana and Mo capturing their moody Northern California sunset engagement photos. Tucked away behind the long grass, without another soul in sight, I followed these two lovebirds all over. We explored the hills and valleys, and took in the beautiful view of the horizon below. Lana and Mo share such a special love for one another, and I had SUCH A GOOD TIME laughing alongside them. The sunset peaked through the mountains and we all smiled from ear to ear as they giggled and shared the sweetest moments together.

As the sun began to set behind us, Lana and Mo did not miss a FREAKING BEAT! I had so much fun playing with the lighting. The sunset painted the sky and served as the PERFECT FREAKIN’ backdrop for these two to showcase their love story. When the sun finally set and the moon peaked out, Lana and Mo danced together under the gorgeous moonlight, and ran off together and leaving me in their dust. I had such a GOOD FREAKING time with these two, and I cannot wait to spend their wedding day with them, continuing to capture the love between them!

Photography: @kaylaaesparza


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