Lake Tahoe Western Asthetic Engagement Photos

Had the best time with Keenan and Tasha at their engagement shoot in South Lake Tahoe. Between the mullet, the dress, the sunset, and the coors…we had a pretty freakin’ good time. Peep the middle of the gallery to see my crazy kid photo bomb some of their pics. These guys were the absolute sweetest, and couldn’t be more excited to be their wedding photographer!!! They loved on my kid so well, and Liam had the best time blowing his new bubble blower thanks to Tasha’s sweet little goodie basket. MY HEART, MY SOUL. I don’t know about you, but this photo session just puts me in the 80’s and YES it makes my heart SO happy. Love you two so much, counting down the days till Julyyyyyy!!!! 😜🤘🏼


  1. Emily Snowden says:

    Wanting to check your prices for a family photoshop on lake Take

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