Dreamy Northern California Maternity Photos

Miriam + Kholt

I had so much fun with Miriam and Kholt capturing these dreamy Northern California maternity photos. I don’t always shoot maternity, however when I do, it’s always for the extra special people in my life. I’ve know Miriam for awhile now, and she is LITERALLY an angel in my life. Besides giving me the best hair EEVVEERR, she’s always been there for me to vent to and laugh beside. I was SO pumped to capture this special moment in time for her. I couldn’t have asked for a more dreamy location. Every element of the day from the lush trees surrounding us to the soft, golden light was perfect. I had so much fun laughing with these two lovers, and above all being able to create memories for their baby on the way.

Miriam and her lover were so fun to work with, and they had me bent over in laughter practically the entire time. Miriam looked SO STUNNING in the middle of the tall grass, and the love between these two was so bold and incredible. They cuddled up in the grass and left my heart BURSTING with the love between them. I had such an incredible time with these two, and I can’t wait to squeeze the sweet baby they bring into the world together!

Photography: @kaylaaesparza


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