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Climbing and chasing waterfalls while the sun sets behind the mountain and the snow falls in the river. Chatting with locals while we sip our coffee and head out for the next adventure. Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour yourself another cup. Rose and fireflies dancing in the spiderwebs. Talking for hours and dozing off with the tv on. The record skips a few times and we pick a new song to fall asleep to.

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AHHHH! I have been SO excited to share the photos from Kayla and Zach’s Mount Rainier moody engagement photos! These two were seriously SO MUCH FUN together, and I can NOT get enough of their photos! Ever since I made the move back to the PNW, I’ve been SO pumped to explore more with my amazing couples! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple!

Mount Rainier Moody Engagement Photos

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Had the best time with Keenan and Tasha at their engagement shoot in South Lake Tahoe. Between the mullet, the dress, the sunset, and the coors…we had a pretty freakin’ good time. Peep the middle of the gallery to see my crazy kid photo bomb some of their pics.

Lake Tahoe Western Asthetic Engagement Photos

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“Getting to meet up with them at Auto Camp Yosemite National Park in October of last year, was a true blessing that I would go back and repeat over and over again if I could. We took pictures, but we talked, and we talked for hours into the night, around the fire, with fancy beers in our hands. It was truly an uplifting day, I mean honestly any day you spend with these two is uplifting and encouraging. I’m nothing short of blessed to know these two, and call them my friends…”

Indoor Glamping Photos in a Modern Airstream with the Cutest Couple at Auto Camp, Yosemite National Park

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“So, they booked a ticket from Seattle to Sacramento, where I picked them up (thats right, I’m a personal uber for my couples), took them to In N’ Out ***DUHHHHH, and then we laughed till I probably peed my pants many times as we drove back to my home (I’m also a working hotel). The next day, bringing them to Yosemite was like watching kids in a candy store!!!…”

Prettiest Fall time Engagement Session at the Yosemite National Park Valley

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“These two have been together for EIGHT YEARS now, and are finally getting married this summer!!! I’ve known these two for their entire relationship, as we have all basically grown up together through middle school and high school. Watching them go to all our proms, and homecomings, football games, musicals, etc…it is SO amazing now to see where they’ve gotten even after being long distance through college…”

High School Sweethearts take Rainy Day PNW Engagement Photos

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“We not only got to explore the cutest lil park slash garden, but we also got bomb food in downtown Riverside, ate delicious vegan milk shakes, tacos, nachos AND A PIZZA (yeah we went hard, love them for that). Then we went home and busted up laughing over a Netflix comedian showcase, and just simply had the best time everrrrrr…”

Downtown Riverside California Engagement Session in the Prettiest Boho Garden

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…”Michael and Alyssa flew down to San Fran for the weekend from their Seattle, WA home to see lil’ ol me and take their engagement photos!!!! It was one of the best days running through Carl (the name of the Bay Area Fog… the more you know!! LOL) on the hillside with the Golden Gate making little appearances here and there!! It was such a fun way to see this location, since I shoot here often with the same backdrop (the bridge), Carl gave us a run for our money…”

Cutest San Francisco Engagement Session with lots of Carl (fog!!! haha!)

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“I first have to tell you, that these two are some of the closest people in my life. Dean has known Truth (my husband) since the first day of kindergarten, and Sierra has known me since I was born…she is my cousin after all!! I set them up, of course, so you already know I was planning their proposal before they even went on date number 2. I just knew they would be a perfect match, and it has been so beautiful to watch from afar. I had biiiiig plans for their proposal, but when Dean told me his idea, I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for my best friend.”

Birthday Dinner turns into a Surprise Proposal!!! Seattle Alki Beach Proposal

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“Met up with these guys just south of San Francisco, practically in the backyard of where Caitlin grew up. We hiked to this sweet lil spot with the sun setting behind these two lovers, dancing around the field, getting funny looks from the strangers hiking around us. BUT WE DIDN’T CARE. We had the best time laughing, talking, and dreaming about their wedding day (coming up so soon!!! eeeekk!!)”

Summer Night Playful Moody Engagement Photos in a Field – Northern California

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“In their first year, they moved in together, began finishing up their schooling, and created amazing memories together. I love building these relationships with the clients that I’m lucky enough to work with. I still pinch myself wondering why they chose ME of the 3 billion photogs out there. But I don’t question how grateful I am for meeting them, capturing their favorite day, and now documenting the new milestones, like celebrating one year together as husband and wife.”

Anniversary Session in the San Tan Desert, Phoenix Arizona