California Redwoods Earthy Backyard Wedding

Daniel and Chloe

Daniel and Chloe celebrated their love in an ADORABLE earthy, backyard ceremony in the California Redwoods. Tucked away behind the tallest trees, these two lovers shared an intimate and traditional ceremony with their loved ones. While their ceremony was small and intimate, the love that surrounded them was overwhelming. Chloe’s bridesmaids looked AMMMAAAZZINNGG in their dresses with some of my FAVORITE earthy tones, serving all the looks! Their ceremony was so incredibly loving and gave me ALL THE FEELS! Between their heartfelt vows and the prayer’s they shared with their guests, Daniel and Chloe made my heart swell! After their ceremony, these two lovers ran off into the forest to soak in all the love they have for eachother. Surrounded by stunning, green redwood trees as far as the eye could see, Chloe and Daniel laughed and twirled all through the woods. I had so much fun with these two as the celebrated becoming Mr. and Mrs!

We spent the evening together on the dance floor, laughing and making memories to last a lifetime. The little details of this day were so special, from their ceremonial foot washing to the DELICIOUS DONUT WALL and the cheese fountain. Every single person was smiling ear to ear on the dance floor, soaking in every little moment of this beautiful day. Sparks surrounded them as Daniel and Chloe had a send off straight out of a fairy tale. I loved every second of their wedding day and I couldn’t be more grateful to call them friends of mine! MUCH LOVE TO CHLOE AND DANIEL!!

Photographer: @kaylaaesparza


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