Big Sur Moody Adventurous Engagement Photos

Nadia + John

GUUUYYSS, I can NOT get enough of these moody and adventurous engagement photos in Big Sur, California. Shooting in Big Sur is always such an incredible experience, and John and Nadia were no exception. These two spent the day soaking up the California Sunshine, cliffside, surrounded by endless blue skies above and crashing waves below. These lovers were high on that just engaged feelin’ and I loved every second I spent with them. These two are no strangers to adventure, and I had such an epic time hanging out with them.

Nadia and John BLEW ME FREAKIN’ AWAY with their adventurous spirit. I had such an amazing time laughing and chasing them all over this stunning backdrop. Besides their epic personalities, the best part of this day was when Nadia and John brought out their BADASS MOTORCYCLE. Believe me when I say, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED. With Nadia hugging him tightly from behind, John and his lover jumped on their bike. After sharing the sweetest giggles, they rode off into the distance, leaving me smiling in their dust. These photos turned out so edgy and moody, and genuinely capture this BEAUTIFUL couples adventurous spirit.

Photography: @kaylaaesparza


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