Prettiest Fall time Engagement Session at the Yosemite National Park Valley

Clayton + Shelby

Clayton and Shelby connected with me, hired me for their wedding, and then said “we wanna shoot our engagements in Yosemite”. I WAS LIKE BOMB LES GO. So, they booked a ticket from Seattle to Sacramento, where I picked them up (thats right, I’m a personal uber for my couples), took them to In N’ Out ***DUHHHHH, and then we laughed till I probably peed my pants many times as we drove back to my home (I’m also a working hotel). The next day, bringing them to Yosemite was like watching kids in a candy store!!! They had never been, yet had been dreaming of the day they got to go and see the amazing mountain range in person. They kept sticking their heads out the windows of my car going “WOOOOWWWW THIS IS AMAZING”. Yosemite is definitely one of my favorite places to photograph, but its even 10000038934732747x better when couples have never been yet. :’)

November literally could not get here faster to squeeze you two again (but lets be real, we’ll have a wine and game night this summer, so technically my count down is for like June hehehe) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you for trusting me with every step of your wedding photo process hehehe.


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