Downtown Riverside California Engagement Session in the Prettiest Boho Garden

Diego + Roxanna

Diego and Roxanna invited me down to Southern California to photograph their engagements!!! We not only got to explore the cutest lil park slash garden, but we also got bomb food in downtown Riverside, ate delicious vegan milk shakes, tacos, nachos AND A PIZZA (yeah we went hard, love them for that). Then we went home and busted up laughing over a Netflix comedian showcase, and just simply had the best time everrrrrr. I was so sad my little trip down to Ontario California was only 24 hours, but made me THAT much more excited for their wedding day!! I got to explore potential places for their wedding photos, and their wedding venue which will be right in Rox’s parents backyard!!! SERIOUSLY it could not be more perfect!!!!! You’ll flip once you see all their beautiful wedding photos, thats for sure!!!

Love you two so much! Thank you for hosting me and making your shoot SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!


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