Brandi + Jonny

Brandi + Jonny

How was your overall experience with Kayla Esparza Photography?

My experience with Kayla as my photographer was the best experience out of my entire wedding process, from engagement photos to planning to the big day, Kayla went above and beyond! Kayla was phenomenal.. i couldn’t have asked her for a better photographer to capture my wedding.. I unfortunately lost my father a month before my wedding and we had certain things in my wedding the was in position for my father and Kayla captured the most beautiful photos of that. It meant so much to me. Kayla wasnt just a photographer to me at that point, she reached out to me to make sure i was doing okay and to help if needed she was being an amazing human being and someone I could look to for help. I cant thank Kayla enough for being an amazing person and being the most outstanding photographer !

If you were explaining to a friend your experience with Kayla Esparza, how would you describe it?

The most comfortable experience ever. We all know getting our picture taken is super awkward sometimes.. Kayla made us feel so comfortable through out the entire process. I couldn’t have picked a better photographer to capture our big day.

How did you feel in front of the camera?

I was very nervous about being in front of the camera but they way Kayla makes us feel while taking photos makes it so so much better. She is really good at capturing candid photos she didn’t want to try to pose us and make us look formal, she really helped express mine and my husbands love for one another between our engagement session and wedding photos.

Looking through your gallery, how do you feel?

The GALLERY !!!!!! NAILED IT !!!! sooooooooo many photos !! like above and beyond ! and i love that she gave black and white options for some of the other photos. She captured the most spectacular photos !!