Summer Night at Mt Rainer for the cutest Engagement Photos

Dean + Sierra

Engagement sessions are always SO fun. Lots of long talks on the drive up to the session location, getting food, hanging out…but what do you do when you’re photographing literally your bestfriend/cousin and her fiancé who happens to be my (sort of – not by blood) brother in law. YOU DO ALL OF THAT AND THEN SOME.

I stayed the night at Dean and Sierra’s the day before they’re shoot, and we sat around their fire, outside their brand new house, eating smores and reflecting on all the time they had spent together as a couple. The next day we ventured up to Mt Rainier (one of their fav spots) and captured their time as fiancés —- it was a blast to say the least. They were full of laughter and giggles as I had them swinging each other around, and walking through out this beautiful meadow area. Needless to say, it was a freakin’ success!!! Love you guys so much and cannot wait for your wedding day!!!


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