A Romantic Proposal at Autocamp Northern California

Shawna + Besty

Betsy reached out to me a couple months back saying “i’m wanting to propose to my already fiancé, and it has to be under the evergreens and twinkling lights, just how she likes it”. I’m a PNW girl at heart, so finding those secret little pockets of Northern California that remind me of home make me always down for an amazing adventure!!! These cuties flew over from the east coast to explore some of the best parts of Norcal, and what Shawna didn’t know was, at the end of their journey, she would also have a ring on her finger!!!

Back in december, Shawna proposed to Betsy in a tree farm, literally the cutest story of my life. Shawna had friends and family decorate one tree in the entire farm, and when she got there with Betsy, she struggled to find it in the midst of all of the trees hahaha, but at the end of the day, she found the tree and proposed to the girl of her dreams.

Now it was Betsy’s turn, even though Shawna had no idea it was coming, nor did she think Betsy would end up getting her a diamond ring. But she did. Not only that, the ring was her grandpas wedding ring melted down, who is no longer here with us. The day was amazing with these two that ended by the fire, where we ate like 50 smores, and it was the best thing everrrrr. Can’t wait for their elopement next year!!!!


  1. Melissa says:

    I absolutely love this !!! So happy for the both of you ❤️

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