Cutest Surprise Proposal for Bride AND Groom in San Francisco!!!

HitU + Ariel

When Hitu first contacted me, we had a nice phone call in the middle of the afternoon the Wednesday before his Saturday proposal to girlfriend of 6 years, Ariel. Ariel and Hitu are a Seattle based couple, and they were heading down to San Francisco to explore for a couple a days and attend a friends wedding. During this trip, he wanted to propose to Ariel.

They have a trip to Italy planned in the next few weeks, which is when Ariel was expecting the proposal, along with all their friends and family. So Hitesh really wanted to make sure this was a big shock and surprise…since they’ve been together so long, Ariel definitely knew it was on the horizon she just didn’t know when. 😉

So thats when I came in!! Hitu called me to work out the details of the proposal. We knew it was going to be at Black Sands beach in San Francisco, at sunset, March 31. SOOOO like most photographers would, I asked him, “What do you have planned as far as pictures go?” and he simply replied “I think I’m just going to get down on one knee as soon as we make it down the hike”.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SIMPLE PROPOSALS. But before I stuck my head full of ideas into places it shouldn’t be, I asked him if he would like any wine, or a blanket laid out for the two of them to celebrate afterwards. We talked a little bit more, and then a little more, and then a little more, before I heard the magic words from this groom to be: “Kayla, I trust whatever you think will look great, I know it will!”.

SOOOO. Here we are. Planning the most beautiful and epic surprise proposal for BOTH the bride and groom to be!!! Neither one of them knowing the amazing set up that was brewing in my mind for only a few days before the proposal took place. But every detail was thought out! I had printed photos of them together, strung across the light poles. Food and pillows to relax on so they could celebrate and really soak in that they’re FIANCES NOW!!!!! And the best part? We were the only ones on the beach.

This entire day was well worth the round trip of 1.5 miles down hill and uphill to get all these props to and from the proposal location. Every second and drop of sweat was worth it to see Ariel and Hitesh’s reaction to the picnic, and saying yes to forever to each other.

Photographer: Kayla Esparza

Styling and Design: Kayla Esparza

Assistant: Hannah Rose

  1. beba<3 says:

    yessss!!!! cutest freakin proposal ever!!!!! obsessed w u forever kayla!

  2. Eliza says:

    These photographs and everything about the lead up to the Big Question… love, love, love!!! Congrats to the newly engaged happy couple!

  3. Rondau Decker says:

    Absolutely perfect! Amazing and beautiful! The couple and the photography & set-up! Another incredible shoot Kayla!

  4. Freaking LOVEEE. These are amazing!!!!

  5. Sierra says:

    Wow this is so cute!!! Makes me so excited for you to do our engagement photos!!

  6. Fylicia Waugh says:

    Beautiful and so romantic! Congrats to the happy couple <3

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