Bold New York City Engagement Session

Rhudson + Jillian

When Rhudson + Jillian first reached out to me about their NYC wedding, they said “I love your work, but we want to fly you out to see how your work translates in the city”. Being a nature based photographer, I said HECK YEA lets give it a shot!! I’m not a big city girl by any means, but ommmmmmggggg NYC has been on my bucket list forrrr everrrrrrr. And when I finally got there, it was way better than I imagined. Not because of the late nights, the views, the historical monuments or even because of the street pizza and pretzels. Nope, NYC was amazing because of these two sweet souls. Jillian and I instantly clicked. And when I say instant, it was instant!!! LOL. She is like the big sister I never had and a best friend all in one. We laughed and cried saying goodbye on the final day. Rhudson was like the nicest guy ever and was a legit bodyguard going around the city!! LOL He’s also hilarious and I laughed so hard I could have peed my pants over some of his stories.

It’s safe to say that I’m so completely stoked to fly back to them in December and shoot their dreamy NYC wedding day!!!! UGHHHH can time go any slower!?!??!

Photographer: @Kaylaaesparza

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  1. Crisley says:

    They are gorgeous. I’m so happy for Deivinho & his perfect bride.

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