Kauai, Hawaii Super Cute and Fun Beach Engagement Session

Sarah + Derek

Oh man guys!!! I was having a hard time editing these photos cause 1) I could never be as cute as Sarah, and 2) I WANT TO GO BACK TO THIS DAY ON THIS BEAUTIFUL ISLAND!!!!!! Buuuuut, I’m soooo super happy to be sharing this set of images with you all. None of it would have been possible without Peyton & Kylie, so thank you ladies!!!!

Sarah and Derek are probably like the sweetest people I’ve ever come to know, but they’re also just super chill and goofy love birds!!! Derek was telling me how he really wants to get a bearded dragon lizard. Okayyyyy so you guys live in Hawaii, you’re both super cute, AND you’ll have a pet lizard!?? Okay, coolest people ever right?? We ran, jumped, swam (literally almost drowned) and laughed SOOOO hard. We had the best night just enjoying Hawaii, the ocean, and community!!! Scroll though these photos allllll the way till the end. Trust me you won’t regret it!!!

Photographer: Kayla Esparza

Workshop: Wild and Unwritten

Models: Sarah + Derek

Swimsuit: Albion Fit

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  1. Miranda says:

    These are amazinggggg

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