Derek + Kimi

How was your overall experience with Kayla Esparza Photography?

Overall experience was 10/10. Kayla did a great job keeping the line of communication open throughout the whole transaction. She made real attemps to share the vision of what we wanted out of our day and photo’s. Her and Truth’s really brought a laid back vibe to our day but at the same time reassured us our photos would come out amazing! At one point Kayla physically got into the ocean to get some amazing shots, one of which we plan to use for our Thank You’s. Truth even got close to the water for good video footage in WHITE VANS, one big wave could’ve destroyed those and left him with soggy socks the rest of the night. Talk about dedication!

If you were explaining to a friend your experience with Kayla Esparza, how would you describe it?

Kayla has the ability to make it not feel like a business transaction. She really makes efforts to become your friend. Her entire set up is very user friendly, especially with honebook from inquiry to, payment and to gallery delivery. Our families are so happy with all the shots that she was able to capture. For example, mother of the bride/bride tears in the bridal suite, father of the bride dance tears, mother of the groom tears, it was all very priceless and so worth the investment. Day of your wedding she gives off a comforting vibe to relax the bride and groom, which essentially results to money shots! Delivery of the gallery was so genuine and personalized, she includeds a shutterfly book with a usb and I have obsessed over that book for weeks!

How did you feel in front of the camera?

Kayla literally radiates with good energy. Derek and I have had our fair share of couples photo’s done, so we knew the drill and she made it even easier for us. Our bridal party had nothing but great things to say about how good they felt in front of the camera when they initial felt nervous and shy. She genuinely makes you laugh which results in real smiles in photos. By the end of it we were all so comfortable and laughing together.

What are some tips/advice you’d give to 2020 brides + grooms?

My ONLY regret was not making sure we took photo’s with ALL of our guests. We set aside plenty of time for bridal and family shots. If I could go back, I’d make sure that each table came up to the sweetheart table for a group photo before joining the dinner line, or taking a huge group photo with all the guests after the ceremony.

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