Welcome to the World, Liam

My super moon.

Liam Christopher Esparza

9lbs. 5oz. 22in. 2:09pm


It all started on January 2nd, 2018 at 2:30am. I was sleeping in our bedroom, when I started having a dream that I was going to have to use the restroom. I was alerted out of my sleep, jumped out of bed, only to find that my water had broke.

I went straight to the kitchen to find Truth, and told him what had happen. We packed our bags, woke my mother, and headed to David Grant Medical Center.

We were admitted into room number 2, where we were taken great care of by some of the best nurses and doctors I have ever met. 

Since my water had broken, I was already having contractions, even though I could not feel them. They hooked me up to all my IV’s and medicines to prep me for the journey of giving birth. 

I began laboring on my own once they became stronger with the help of pitocine. It was some of the most intense pain I had ever felt. I mainly felt my contractions all through my hip bones, and upper thighs. They were strong, and they were consistently 1-3 minutes apart.

This gave me high hopes that I could labor as long as possible before getting the epidural. I never had a ‘birth plan’, I simply wanted to see what my body and mind could handle.

Around 4:00pm on January 2nd, I caved and requested the epidural. Oh my gosh…I could have never been happier than in that moment. I was finally able to rest after a long day of work. I was so excited to see where I was in preparation for meeting my son because I knew I had worked so hard to get to this point…

I was only 3cm dilated. Not even considered ‘active labor’ in the hospital.



I didn’t let that get me down. I was in such a better mood being numb from the pain, and I was able to rest my mind and get it ready to give birth to my beautiful son. The amazing doctors and nurses checked on me every 4 hours from 4:00pm-4:30am. By 4:30am, I knew I HAD to have made SOME progress..right? Wrong.

Still 4cm.


By that time, I really had to convince myself that I was okay with getting a c-section. I wasn’t scared of that option, and I wasn’t disappointed in myself if it came down to it, because all I wanted was a healthy baby boy.

But, it had to be considered because of my water breaking 24+ hours prior, and that puts Liam and I both at risk for infection.

I fell back asleep after the 4:30am check up, and when I was woken up for my 8:30am check up, somehow I had made it to 9cm.

They were prepping me to start pushing by 10:45am.

At 2:09pm, I heard the most beautiful cry. It was this squeaky, bird like cooing that just made me burst into tears.

HE’S HERE. HE’S HERE AND HE’S ALL MINE. I thought to myself.

I don’t even remember the commotion after I heard him, all I heard was him. I looked over at Truth who was crying and saying “oh my gosh Kayla, you did it, you did it, he’s here, he’s here”.

And that was when I was able to hold his beautiful little body and see his perfect face.

I have never loved someone more than your Dad, but with you in the picture, Liam, there is definitely some competition. I will always love you. Welcome to the world little man.


  1. Marissa says:

    What a beautiful post! Congratulations to you both! 🙂

  2. Hannah Thompson says:

    So proud of you Kayla! I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up with an army of people who love him. You and Truth are going to be AMAZING parents. Congratulations <3

  3. Jahni says:

    Okay one, I am completely shocked you have already written and blogged your birth story! You are incredible. Second, parts of your story reminded me of my own with my daughter 4 years ago! I was only at 3 when I gave in and wanted epidural, "went to sleep" and woke up ready to push! Seriously crazy experience. You’re going to rock as a mom. Congrats!!!! (Also wondering what Truth was doing in the kitchen at 2:30am… sympathy pregnancy snacks? Lolol) 😂😍🖤

  4. Tatyana Enas says:

    Omg love love love! Literally got the chills reading this! Brought back so many memories! Isn’t it such an amazing feeling?! Ugh I would do it all over again! Congrats again you two ♥️

  5. Codddy says:

    Mom should be a photographer!

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