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How was your overall experience with Kayla Esparza Photography?

Our experience with Kayla was, to say the least, AMAZING!!! So amazing it’s hard for us to even put into words. Kayla, with the help of her amazing husband and also super talented second shooter, made the best day of our lives even more special than we could’ve ever imagined. Not only did Kayla capture every moment perfectly, she has continued to treat us like family and make us feel so special still to this day. I truly do not know how she does it, but somehow she managed to squeeze in our engagement session and plan for our wedding in the matter of just two short months. When the big day came she kept things flowing and you can definitely tell she cares, and I mean CARES, about protecting her brides sanity and making sure the day is perfect. She knew exactly where people had to be and when, and that took a HUGE load off of me. I truly felt like I could just take a deep breath and enjoy our special day. Not to mention the pictures and video turned out SO amazing we were and still are speechless. She captured such raw and real emotion, and moments our families and us will cherish forever. Even our four year old requested that we hang the wedding pictures in his room they’re THAT good. I can’t wait to cover our whole house with them! Needless to say this girl is nothing short of a boss. She made our wedding dreams come true and asking her to experience it with us was THE best decision ever!!!

If you were explaining to a friend your experience with Kayla Esparza, how would you describe it?

Kayla instantly feels like your best friend when you’re around her. She made us feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the whole day, and was constantly making us laugh off any of those wedding day jitters we might’ve had! She makes the whole experience fun and light and full of so much love. There is no doubt the level of dedication she gives to her clients and also to her work. She seriously is one of the most talented, fun-loving, committed, and warm-hearted people that I know, and I could go on and on! She gave us an incredible experience and one we are so so grateful for, one we would choose over and over and over again.

How did you feel in front of the camera?

We were WAY more comfortable in front of the camera than I thought we would be! I in particular thought I would have a tough time with it because I am definitely not one to jump in front of the camera, but I was surprisingly very comfortable and not nervous at all! It didn’t feel like I was having to force anything or act differently in front of the camera, but instead Kayla made me feel like I could be me and I totally embraced and appreciated that. She made it so much fun and enjoyable and I’ve never been one to enjoy having my pictures taken!

Looking through your gallery, how do you feel?

Overwhelmed with joy and happiness and so many emotions!!! I’ll never forget opening the preview the NIGHT of our wedding mind you (yes she busts out a preview gallery that fast cause like I said, she’s a boss) and just bawling. I was so overcome with emotion on so many levels. There are so many moments she captured that have so much meaning behind them, and that will hold a place in our hearts for the rest of our lives. I’ll never forget scrolling through all the pictures and coming upon one of myself, and for the first time ever, I really felt beautiful. Kayla captured me at the happiest I have ever been, and that moment is so so special to me. Now having all of the pictures back there are what seems to be endless memories and moments to reminisce on. Pictures of our grandparents, our father-daughter and mother-son dances, special moments between my son and I, they’re irreplaceable and I couldn’t be more grateful that Kayla was there to capture all of them. Looking through our gallery is like reliving the day all over again and it’s the best thing ever!!

Any advice for other brides and grooms who are reading this review?

Video video video!!! Having film from your day is SO worth the investment I cannot stress it enough. Having the video of not only the highlights of the night, but the whole ceremony and toasts is such a special thing to have and to be able to share with loved ones 🙂



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I'm Kayla Esparza!!!! I'm a Seattle Washington Wedding Photographer ready to capture your day exactly as I see it! I'm your loud, joyful, take charge gal who basically wants you to feel like your bestie is behind the camera on your wedding day! My goal is to make all my couples (no matter who you love, or what you look like) feel every moment that happened on their forever days. My mission is to spread love, have fun, capture every moment happy or sad, encapsulate the moments you had no idea was happening, and deliver you a final gallery that you can look back on for years and years to come. I love being a Seattle Washington Wedding Photographer but just because I serve in the PNW doesn't mean not down to travel for any couple who vibes with my work. I'm not only a Seattle Washington Wedding Photographer but I'm a triple threat as a mother & wife too. I seriously cannot wait to get to know you, and hear all about your dream day.


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