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An associate photographer is another professional photographer who steps in on the day of your wedding to be your lead photographer. Kayla Esparza Photography will only use associates if Kayla Esparza Photography is already booked for another client's wedding date. Associate's only job is to capture day of coverage, and then deliver memory cards to Kayla Esparza Photography for backing up, and the editing process. All correspondence, guidance, emails, and consultations are done only with clients and Kayla Esparza to ensure clients receive the Kayla Esparza Photography experience. Due to Kayla Esparza Photography not personally being there for your big day, these packages are slightly discounted.

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I get SO SO SO sad when I get inquires from amazing couples when I'm already booked for their same date!!! It bums me out SO much, and I know it bums out my couples too, which is why I have now built an associate team!! Every single one of my associates is fully trained to give you the genuine Kayla Esparza Photography experience on your big day when I personally can't be there!!! Don't hesitate to reach out, as I have several associates located all over from Southern, California, to Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and Northern California. Reach out ASAP as 2023 dates are few and far between!!!!